2015 Programme

8.30 – 9.00 Registration and coffee 

9.00-9.15 Welcome and opening remarks  

Andrew Sangster, editorial director, Hotel Analyst Group

9.15 – 9.35 Session 1 – Investment returns 

Mark Weedon, IPD

How do hotels compare to other real estate asset classes and are they still an alternative asset class? What are hotel alternatives and what metrics to measure “buildings with beds” are available? How do these metrics look alongside hotels ?

9.35 – 10.20 Session 2 – Across the spectrum

Moderator: Andrew Sangster

What is the appeal of alternative accommodation assets? How do the returns compare? What are the challenges of investing in the different segments? Are there commonalities that could offer overhead savings? Specialise or generalise: what delivers the best return?

Panel: Ryan Prince, Realstar

Navneet Bali, Meininger

Simon Champion, easyhotel

Sean Worker, Bridgestreet

10.20 – 10.50 Break

10.50-11.30 Session 3 – Serviced accommodation

Moderator: Chris Bown, Hotel Analyst

Serviced apartments: are they extended-stay, branded residences, corporate housing or aparthotels? How does the blend of residential real estate and hotel work in reality? How does the profile of long-let accommodation differ from short-stay offers?

Panel: John Wagner, Cycas Capital

Russell Kett, HVS

Tom Walsh, Staycity

Jason Wischhoff, Accor

11.30-12.10 Session 4 – The disruptors

Moderator: Katherine Doggrell, Hotel Analyst

The new business models tapping into specific types of demand for hotel accommodation: pod hotels, festival accommodation, hostels and more. How much of this driven Millennial demand? How broad is the appeal and how big can these businesses grow?

Panel: Joanne Owen, DLA

Tim Helliwell, Barclays

Hans Meyer, Zoku

Carl Michel, Generator Hostels

12.10 – 12.30 Session 5 – A demand perspective 

James Bland, BDRC

12.30 – 1.00 Session 6 – Leisure panel

Moderator: Piers Brown, Boutique Hotel Media

The big four holiday park operators in the UK have a model of both operating and selling sites, giving them a flexibility to drive superior returns. The growth of staycations has further enhanced the appeal of what are significant rivals to budget hotel operators. Other leisure businesses are similarly tapping into demand previously the preserve of hotels.

Panel: Tom King, CBRE

James Bland, BDRC

Geoff Cowley, Wyndham

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch

2.00 – 2.45 Session 7– Rise and rise of alternative demand 

Moderator: Peter O’Connor, Hotel Analyst

Peer -to-peer networking by the likes of Airbnb has brought a wider reach for alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation. By breaking out of historic silos, hitherto under exploited supply can be matched with newly enabled demand. Is this the turning point for awareness of the segments?

Panel: Alan Clarke, Homestay.com

Erica Chang, Homeaway

Severine Obertelli, Maxxton

Frank Reeves, Avvio

2.45 – 3.25 Session 8 – Branded residences, buy to let and the rest

Moderator: Lee Mallett, Urbik

Can the UK PRS emulate the success of multi-family in the US? What can PRS learn from how hotels provide services? Is the buy-to-let room model viable in the long-term?


Archie Hunter, Go Native

Andrew Pratt, Patrizia Immobilien AG

John Walker, Westminster AG

Ian Merrick, Essential Living

3.25 – 3.55 Break

3.55 – 4.35 Session 8: Panel: Specialist demand: student accomodation and healthcare 

Moderator: Lee Mallett, Urbik

Institutional sectors already? With succesful REITs in student accommodation and healthcare (and none focused on hotels) what can hotels learn from how these segments attract investors?

Panel: Mark Quigley, Barclays

Tom Morgan, CBRE

Irina Stamate-Rocha, Patron Capital

4.35 – 5.15 Session 9: Debate: Hotels versus the rest

Moderator: Simon Allison, Hoftel

Shane Harris, Jupiter Hotels

Marc Jongerius, Zoku

Marcel Lindt, Frasers Hospitality

Philip Lassman, IHG

5.15 – 5.20 Closing remarks